Due to the constantly decreasing resources and increasing costs in today’s world, the necessity to use resources with maximum efficiency has arisen and this situation led several industries to find a solution to this issue. Firms felt the need to integrate fast, practical, safe and environmentally-conscious systems to their organisations in order to use their resources more effectively.

With the help of advanced NIR (Near Infrared) technologies, the need of firms with regard to this subject was met and the firms both saved time and money and have increased their profitability.

Analyses run by the NIR devices are technically based on the absorption of light energy, which is directed on a product at a specific wave length, by organic substances which are present in the relevant compound feed and feed material. Trouw Nutrition TR, which combined FOSS devices that successfully apply this technology with the accredited MasterLab under Nutreco, has been the pioneer and innovative firm of its industry for 10 years, through the online calibrations which it offers to its customers.

NIR Team

Trouw Nutrition TR provides services on NIR device applications with FOSS, which is the firm with the largest technical service network in the world.


XDS Rapid Content Analyzer

NIRS DS 2500 Feed Analyzer


NIR Team

MasterLab has a database which consists of more than 259 calibration lines for many raw materials and animal feed. This database has been growing for more than 40 years and it is the largest database in the world.

Type of raw materials and feed vary from one establishment to another. The rate of these variances also increases on a country basis and depending on the climate characteristics. The results should be monitorable and the maintenance of devices should be carried out regularly according to deviances which occur during analyses.    

New Calibration Line
New calibration setting studies are being carried out for the new matrix types (feed types, raw material types, etc.) which are required by the user.
When the raw material or type of feed, for which a new calibration will be set, is notified, the user will be required to supply some samples. These samples are sent to MasterLab and after the calibration setting process is complete, it is installed to the user’s computer through RINA software.


NIR Team

MasterLab is providing worldwide service through RINA software. RINA is a software package which provides remote connection to a MasterLab central database where the data and calibration lines of a NIR device are stored. MasterLab updates its calibration lines every day. These updated calibration lines are ready within 24 hours in all MasterLab RINA networks.

Support Desk
Trouw Nutrition TR operates a support desk for all NIR users in the RINA network. This support desk provides service through the entire process, from device supply to the assembly.

NIR Team

Sales Service
You can have the NIR device by saving!

Trouw Nutrition TR has developed work model examples for you to get the NIR systems you need for your enterprise at a suitable price. These work models are designed according to the products and services you will need for your enterpries. You can find out more about work models that are designed for you, by contacting our sales team.

Analysis Service
Trouw Nutrition TR NIR Department is providing you the analysis service for the quality control of your feed and raw materials. Our nutrition and technical experts offer you a wide analysis scale and try to enable you to benefit from this technology at all stages of production.

Calibration Packages
Poultry feed and raw materials
Broiler feed and raw materials
Cattle feed and raw materials
Fish feed and raw materials

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In the 21st century when sustainability and the consequent quality concept have gained importance, one of the most indispensable and important criteria which affects the product quality is raw material and final product safety. Manufacturer firms will assure the quality of the products they buy and they offer their customers, with the help of technology and control mechanisms which will be established from the first link of the supply chain to the last stage.

Through this process, we will be pleased to contribute to our conscious livestock industry partners, which utilize scarce resources more effectively for a sustainable future with the ‘Get more from less’ concept and maximize animal nutrition while minimizing the damage on the environment, with the NIR devices. Our industry partners which assure food quality and safety with NIR technologies that will be in the center of the laboratory, quality control and production processes, will minimize the raw material and final product wastage with our devices which are very hygienic and give rapid and precise results compared to traditional methods, thus they will contribute significantly to the economy of the company and the country.

NIR Team