Fylax Forte HC is a cost-saving liquid product which ensures optimum humidity in animal feed, particularly pelleted feed, inhibits the growth of molds in feed, increases the pellet quality and capacity by binding the free water with the surfactants and lubricants in its content and ensures energy saving.

Dozatron is a system which was developed for effective use and dosage of Fylax Horte HC in feed mills. In this system, Fylax Forte HC is first administered to a certain amount of water and then this 1-2% Fylax+water mixture is sprayed onto the mixers through the nozzles and thus a homogeneous mixture is ensured.

We install the advanced Fylax liquid dosage systems free of charge to the establishments of our customers who aim to use our Fylax Forte HC product for minimum one or two years to prevent humidity losses and molds in feed, enhance pellet quality and increase pellet capacity and thus achieve electricity savings. We offer a full package service by installing liquid dosage system as well as selling our product.