Dozatron is an anti-bacterial product in liquid form which consists of buffered organic acids and copper chelates for preventing bacterial infections for poultry health. By reducing the water pH under 4, it prevents the growth of bacteria while copper chelates in the content clean the mucous layer that forms over the water nipples and contains bacteria. Thus it is possible to provide poultry with clean water free of microbial agents.

The most important subject to be considered while using the products that interact with drinking water is the proper dosage of the product and being able to administer it at the designated time. It is very important to administer the right dose of product to the water tanks according to the water discharge. This can be properly done using the automatic dosage system "Dozatron".

It is necessary to have automatic dosage systems (DOZATRONS) in the poultry houses for the regular administration of vaccines, vitamins, antibiotics and natural products (organic acids, herbal extracts and similar products) via drinking water. There are hydraulic and electrical models of Dozatron systems. Dozatron is essential for the administration of low-dose products to drinking water (e.g.  1 ml product per 1 lt water).

Selko-pH must always be administered using dozatron system. Since the drinking water is always replaced with fresh water, Selko pH should be regularly administered to drinking water thus reducing the water pH under 4 and eliminating the bacteria and fungi. Thereby, bacterial infections that may occur via drinking water are prevented.