Equipment design support: With this service, equipments necessary for installing Rhodimet AT 88 liquid system are designed and realized in line with the conditions of the present feed mill. Adisseo will also provide support for the economic supply of all equipment necessary for the liquid system to be established. Project management process can be carried out either by an expert assigned by Adisseo or a local company assigned by the customer. 

With the new system to be established, Rhodimet AT 88 will be mixed more homogeneously in feed and its activity of use will increase. Safer conditions for the staff and the environment will be ensured.

Financial support: With this service, Adisseo will contribute to the financing of the liquid methionine dosage system in return for a purchase agreement. Order and payments of the equipment will be made by the customer and the assembly and realization of the equipment will be done by Adisseo or by a company as per the request of the customer.

Formulation support: With this service, Adisseo provides the necessary article and technical support for the formulation in the most economic and reliable way.

Operational support: Adisseo can also enable you to act independent during the assembly of equipment.

What does it mean to act independent?
You can control your equipment regularly every day.
You can perform the maintenance of your equipment regularly for the highest performance.
You can carry out the management of Rhodimet AT 88 in a more secure way for employee safety.

Adisseo provides the necessary training on equipment management and maintenance to the production staff and technical staff of your establishment.

Equipment control support: First, the equipment is activated. Then, Adisseo supports the technical staff on Mixer Profile Test. Mixer Profile Test is a test method developed by Adisseo which is based on determining the homogeneity and activity of use of  Rhodimet AT 88 inside the feed.

Assembly and maintenance support: With this service, Adisseo provides support on the assembly and maintenance of Rhodimet AT 88 liquid service. This service can be provided with financial support and equipment support in return for a purchase agreement.

Quality control system: Adisseo offers you several methods within the quality control plan, in order to ensure that the dosage of Rhodimet AT 88 inside the feed is right.

Scope of the quality control plan:
Mixer Profile Test to assess homogeneity and Rhodimet AT 88 availability rate. Within the quality control plan, the actual methionine content and the expected methionine content are controlled by analyses to be carried out on samples on a monthly basis.

Supply chain services: With its chain services, Adisseo assures the supply of Rhodimet AT 88 and facilitates stock management.

Chain services:
Service agreement: An agreement is signed with Adisseo according to your needs.
Accutrack technology: Accutrack technology enables the timely delivery and management of orders.

Maintenance service: Maintenance service is provided at 3 levels considering the special conditions of the establishment.
Maintenance level 1: Protective maintenance service once a year
Maintenance level 2: Maintenance level 1 + free spare part supply
Maintenance level 3: Maintenance level 2 + permanent spare part stock