Ruminant Academy

Ruminant Academy is an annual organization on contemporary technologies and trends in animal nutrition. The Academy is based on a mixture of workshops, academic games and panels which takes two-day long. Invitees consist of a vast variety of different branches within the ruminant sector, media, academia and state officers including B2B, B2D and B2F representatives, reporters, professors, etc. Guests of the Academy spend their two nights with their families in the hotel. Thanks to the Academy, they enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of Antalya while having the chance of meeting with other sector partners and keeping up with the latest sectoral trends and technologies. Ruminant Academy is a unique organization which aims to steer sector with innovative solutions.

Panels of the Ruminant Academy are being prepared every year with utmost care and in accordance with latest sectoral trends and needs. The sole purpose of these panels is the inform invitees with the updates on technological progress, new approaches and innovations about panel topics. There are two panels during Academy and under them variety of speakers present their valued opinions on the different aspects of the panel topics.

Workshops are another important part of the Academy. Through workshops invitees are able to gain practice on different applications. In addition to this, workshops also help panel topics to be comprehended more precisely. Total of three workshops are being held within two days. Workshops are aligned with related panel topics and their aim is to provide sufficient practice for the guests on the panel subjects.

Last but not least, academic games are one of the most important part of the Academy. They are very unique and make Academy one of a kind. Once after panels and workshops are done, guests gather outside in grass field. Every team tries to be the winner of the academic games and reach the Academy Cup. Games are also prepared in accordance with panel topics. Inside the games there are lots of reminders for guests. Needless to say academic games is far by the most fun part of the Ruminant Academy.

With its unique structure and innovative content, Ruminant Academy is a pioneer organization for the ruminant sector herein Turkey. Thanks to the academic content, Academy updates attendants with latest development and with workshops and academic games it bonds sector partners in an active and fun way. Overall, Ruminant Academy is a tradition for the sector and it will steer the sectoral trends just like it used to in the past.