History of Egg & Chick Olympics

The unique organization Egg & Chick Olympics (Yumurpiyat), which has been held between 1998-2011 by Trouw Nutrition Turkey, has been a sectoral organization which attracted the leaders of agribusiness, including decision makers, opinion leaders, entrepreneurs of the livestock, universities, institutes and associations of the sector; creating a platform for discussing the problems. 

The purpose of Egg & Chick Olympics is to convert the idea of ‘‘target partnership ’’ into the consciousness of “sector partnership”.

The organization was composed of two platforms: panels about the sector & economy and entertaining (Olympic) games.

Over the panels delegates heard from top business managers and agricultural scientists on topics ranging from The Efficiency of Sectoral Associations, The Importance of Egg and Broiler Meat for Our Health, Global Economic Crisis, Sustainability, Biosecurity, Agriculture Policies, The Bottlenecks in Supply of Raw Material and Alternative Solutions, Social Media and Innovation. The result is consistently well-informed discussions reflecting a wide range of opinions.

The Olympic Games consisted of several games and teams competing for sector partnership. The managers of competitor companies developed strategies to win as a member of the same team, having in mind the consciousness of sector partnership. Egg & Chick Olympics have become a worthful and traditional organisation for the sector.