Nutreco expands its presence in Asia with two new state-of-the-art plants in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City area) and Indonesia (East Java) and a remodel of its Chinese plant in Xiangtan (Hunan). 

The Trouw Nutrition logo has changed and new website has been designed.



Acquisition in Ecuador takes Nutreco to global top 3 shrimp feed producer

Nutreco acquires 100% of Hendrix Misr in Egypt

Nutreco acquires 1/3 share of Dutch Feed in Ukraine

Completion of the upgrade of fish feed plant in Averoy, Norway

The seventh AgriVision conference is held in Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands


New strategy 'Ambition 2016 - driving sustainable growth' introduced

Sustainability Vision 2020 introduced

Nutreco raises its stake in Fri-Ribe

Nutreco acquires Bellman in Brazil

The ninth AquaVision conference is held in Stavangar, Norway

Wout Dekker steps down and Knut Nesse is appointed CEO

Nutreco reaches agreement on the sale of Trouw Nutrition Környe to Nuscience Group


Nutreco acquires Shihai Co Ltd. in China

The sixth Agri Vision conference is held in Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands


Nutreco acquires Tomboy Aquafeed JSC in Vietman

The eighth AquaVision conference is held in Stavangar, Norway

Trouw Nutrition Turkey was established by purchasing 100% shares of Interchemie Inc.


Nutreco acquires the animal nutrition business from Cargill in Spain and Portugal

Nutreco acquires 51% shareholding in Brazilian animal nutrition and fish feed company Fri-Ribe

The fifth Agri Vision conference is held in Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands


Nutreco acquires fish feed production facilities in Japan, Marine Net Co. Ltd.

Nutreco acquires fish feed company Nelson and Sons, Inc., the manufacturer of Silver Cup fish feed in the USA

Nutreco completes the acquisition of the feed and meat assets of Copaga in Catalonia, Spain

Nutreco acquires premix and specialty feed company Biofaktory in Czech Republic and Slovakia

The seventh Aqua Vision conference is held in Stavanger, Norway


Euribrid is divested, marking the end of the rebalancing phase of the Rebalancing for Growth strategy

Nutreco doubles its global premix activities with the takeover of BASF businesses in eight countries

The fourth Agri Vision conference is held in Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands

Nutreco acquires Canada's leading animal nutrition business including Shur-Gain and Landmark brands operating as Nutreco Canada Inc.

Nutreco signed a letter of intent to buy the feed and meat assets of Copaga in Catalonia, Spain

Nutreco stepped into Turkey's premixes and feed additives sector via a new joint venture with Interchemie Inc.


Nutreco 75% share in Marine Harvest is sold to Geveran Trading Co. Ltd.

The sixth Aqua Vision conference is held in Stavanger, Norway

Nutreco Annual Report wins the Sijthof Award for best financial reporting in mid and small cap companies in the Netherlands


Foundation of Marine Harvest as independent aquaculture company

The third Agri Vision conference is held in Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands

Pingo Poultry and 50% share in Hendrix Poultry Breeders are divested


Nutreco announces Marine Harvest joint aquaculture venture with Stolt Nielsen SA

New Strategy ‘Rebalancing for Growth' is introduced

2003 The second AgriVision conference is held in Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands
2002 The Nutreco head office in Amersfoort is opened

Nutreco invests in Pivot Aquaculture fish feed businesses in Australia

The premix activities of Ducoa are acquired in the United States to become Trouw Nutrition USA

The first FUNDISA food safety seminar is held in Spain


Richard van Wijnbergen retires and Wout Dekker is appointed CEO

The first AgriVision conference is held in Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands

Környe feed and premix activities are acquired in Hungary

Compound feed company Voeders Haeck Belgium is acquired

Hydro Seafood salmon farming and processing activities in Norway and Ireland and processing in France are acquired

Løven Agro premix business in Denmark is acquired

Nutreco purchases 56% of cod hatchery, Cod Culture Norway; subsequently converted to 100% ownership


W. van Erp Holding BV, poultry hatchery is acquired in the Netherlands

Pig breeding company Bovar is acquired in the Netherlands

Fabrimar feed compounder is acquired in Portugal

Hencu broiler processing is acquired in the Netherlands

Fish feed activities of BOCM PAULS are acquired in the UK

Marine Harvest salmon farming and processing in Scotland and Chile is acquired

Biomaster fish feed activities in Chile are acquired


Joint venture company Yamaha Nutreco Aquatech is established in Japan to market fish feed

Acquisition of Caicaen salmon hatchery and farms in Chile

Merger of Hendrix pig slaughtering and processing activities with those of Murris Meppel and Smits Emmen in the Netherlands to form Hendrix Meat Group. Nutreco holds 50% with 100% ownership scheduled for 2003

Acquisition of Pepees Spzoo feed compounder in Poland

Euribrid layer breeding activities, Hisex and Bovans, are merged with Hendrix Poultry Breeders in a 50/50 joint venture known as Hendrix Poultry Breeders BV

Take over UTD by Nutreco's business unit Hendrix

Hendrix and UTD merge to form Hendrix UTD


Nutreco is floated on the Amsterdam stock exchange

Acquisition of remaining 56% of shares in Herca SA poultry processing in Spain

Acquisition of remaining 50% of AgriMarine salmon hatchery and farms in western Canada

Acquisition of Alma Vertreib Bozenhardt in Germany; feed specialities and fish feed

Acquisition of Polfarm, premixes in Poland

1996 The first AquaVision conference is held in Stavanger, Norway. It has been held every second year since

A management buy out establishes Nutreco, with headquarters in Boxmeer, the Netherlands

Nutreco begins business in Japan with fish feed from Moore-Clark Canada

Interchemie Inc. was established.

1993 The premix activities of Cyanamid are acquired in Spain by BP Nutrition and added to Trouw Nutrition España
1992 BP Nutrition acquires the poultry business of Conagra in Spain. It is added to Nanta

BP Nutrition buys Trouw Suralim, a fish feed producer in Chile that becomes Trouw Chile. Also in Chile, farming company Mares Australes is acquired

Nanta premix activities become part of the BP Nutrition Specialities Division and are augmented by the acquisition of Trouw España

1986 Fish feed producer Moore-Clark Canada is acquired by BP Nutrition
1982 Nanta is acquired by BP Nutrition, together with Sada and Hypor España
1981 Skretting is acquired by BP Nutrition
1980 Trouw starts making salmon feed
1977 Hendrix companies are acquired by BP Nutrition
1975 Trouw becomes part of BP Proteins and BP Nutrition is founded

Skretting begins making salmon feeds and Trouw begins making trout feeds

Hendrix lays foundations for Hendrix Meat Group and Pingo Poultry

UT is merged within Delfia to form Mengvoeder UT-DelfiaNanta is founded in Spain in 1968


Hendrix begins breeding activities that in 1959 become Euribrid

Trouw expands into poultry and pig feeds and introduces its first feed speciality

1931 Adolf Trouw and Johannes Siemons establish the Trouw company near Rotterdam in the Netherlands to import fishmeal and animal meal for cattle feed
1903 Engelbertus Hendriks establishes agricultural merchant business in Boxmeer, the Netherlands; changed to Hendrix in 1937 and later becomes Hendrix Feed
1899 Torgeir Skretting senior sets up a company to supply animal feed to farmers around Stavanger, Norway
1877 Ulbe Twijnstra founds UT agricultural merchants in Friesland, the Netherlands