"Trouw Nutrition is the world’s leading animal nutrition company with good governance principles, innovative and unique products."
Öğüt Köse
Managing Director

Nutreco, which was established in 1887 by a Dutch entrepreneur named Ulbe Twinjstra continues its operations today in 80 countries with nearly 10 thousand employees. Nutreco, which is publicly traded on the Amsterdam NYSE Euronext Stock Market has an annual turnover of 5,2 billion euros.

Part of the Nutreco Group, Trouw Nutrition is a leading authority in the field of animal nutrition and serves its customers in its facilities in 25 countries with more than 2500 employees.

Our Good Governance Principles

Parallel to the globalizing world economy, our main management principles are participation, transparency and accountability, which are the results of globalization. We positioned our ‘‘planet’’ in the center of humanitarian value judgement, parallel to the increasing importance of Food Security and Food Safety in the sustainability axis.

The fact that consumption per capita increases due to increasing world population, global climate change and increasing levels of income, makes us question the insufficiency of the world’s resources. Providing food to the world population in a healthier and safer manner makes us question our role. Thus, innovation is one of our core values.

Innovative and Unique Products

There is no new, there is change and transformation. Being able to analyse this change and transformation is innovation. With the 25 million euros budget we allocate to research, we continue our research and development studies in 11 centers.

We aim to provide the best service to all stakeholders in the supply and value change with our innovative concepts, services and products. We get our strength and belief from your trust in us.

Thank you for trusting us.